Best Buy Sarcasm

best_buy_signOUCH! This viral image has been circulating the Internet all day today. Though some may feel that it’s slightly distasteful, you have to admit, it is a little funny. To make the story a little more amusing, go into a Circuit City store and look at their prices. Many of their “liquidation” prices are still more expensive than many online retailers’ everyday prices. I guess it’s hard to be competitive with the market when you mark everything back to retail prices before applying the closeout discounts.

Anyways, I guess someone found a little humor in one large company’s failure. Hmmm… Now I can’t help but to wonder if Best Buy is going to adapt the same “bait and switch” policies that Circuit City has aggressively used for all these years. Let’s hope not.

An Amusing Diversion

Since Apple’s announcement of the MacBook Air back in January, it seems to be the machine that people love to hate. The design of the machine is absolutely amazing, but the innovative design sacrifices some of the functionality that people have come to expect on a laptop. As an alternative to the MacBook Air, PC maker Lenovo introduced a new model to add to their lineup called the X300. The X300 is a little slower and larger than the MacBook Air, but it does include a few of the things that Apple had to sacrifice. To help drive these selling points home, Lenovo recently posted an ad Parody on YouTube. This is great…

My opinion? Given all of its limitations, I still like the MacBook Air. I just find it amusing that not only are companies doing everything in their power to duplicate machine designs and technology from Apple, but now, they are borrowing from the minds of their creative marketing teams as well. I guess some things never change, do they?

A Little Mouse Lovin’

I saw this picture and just about fell out of my chair. I guess it proves that there is someone (or something) out there for everyone!

Mouse Love