Raspberry Pi FAIL!

I know that many of you are waiting on my Raspberry Pi D-STAR script, and unfortunately, I don’t have good news again for you tonight. Apparently, the Raspberry Pi that I was trying to use tonight to test the script is a dud and has been fighting me all night. Sometimes it will boot, sometimes it won’t. Sometimes it will work and others it won’t. I am pretty sure that this is just a bad board.

I will be returning to my home QTH on Friday night and will finalize the script and testing. I am very close and was just doing the final testing when my last failure occurred. As soon as I have it ready, I will post it here. Thanks for your patience and understanding. 73s.

D-Star and Raspberry Pi Write-Up – Coming Soon!

For those of you that are waiting for my step-by-step instructions for getting the Raspberry Pi to work as a controller for the DVAP, I promise that it’s coming soon! While working on the instructions, I remembered that there were a few steps that initially gave me some trouble, so I am attempting to decipher them and simplify them a little. I have also been thinking about writing an installation script that could automate the complete process, from the initial installation to the configuration of the repeater and gateway. Anyone have any thoughts?

Stay tuned…

Happy New Year!

happy2013Happy New Year!  No, I did not make a new years resolution to update this site, but, it’s quite coincidental that I just happened to be working on it as we rolled into the new year.  Really!

After a year of world turmoil and unacceptable violence (and that was just the presidential election of 2012), I am looking forward to the new year with optimism and hope. Anyways, I wish everyone a happy 2013!